App "iQ recycling"

App “iQ recycling”

Many recycling companies guarantee the quality of the recycled raw materials with a quality system. A quality system is necessary to gain and keep trust, especially in competition with primary raw materials. A quality system implies an extended paper administration, in which the same data often have to be filled out over and over again. Auditors need a lot of time to check the quality system. Moreover, the forms and quality manual are “fixed” while legislation and guidelines change regularly. To improve the working method of quality guarantee, Enviro Challenge has developed a user friendly computer application with so-called “thinking” forms. Users can consult the forms, (frequency) calculations, procedures and working instructions with a safe internet connection. Every user has its own working space with a GPS link to the own crusher(s), digital bridges to the laboratory, a GIS planning system for new projects and simple overviews with all the relevant quality information. The approach of the app “iQ recycling” has a lot of advantages like a simple and quick work method, support (helpdesk), and automatic back up of data. The app “iQ recycling” also gives the possibility for auditors to execute a virtual audit. Virtual audits save a lot of time (up to 50 %) for auditors and QSHE-co-ordinators. The app “iQ recycling” saves the recycling company a lot of time and mony and earns back its own costs.

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